Such A delight..

Seeing the Monarchs flutter around us was AWESOME! Some even landed on me!

Farming Monarchs

Every Monarch Butterfly raised on our farm emerges healthy. Then purchased and released to continue their migration. We hope to help re-populate the Monarchs dwindling numbers due to spraying of their host plant milkweed buy GMO farmers. clik to learn more about this important issue. We also sale and promote the mass planting of milkweed, the only host plant of the Monarch. With out milkweed, no Monarchs. So plant some milkweed. We happily give milkweed seeds for free. We also sale milkeweed plants. We are located in Pacific Beach California. Reserve your Monarchs now!.

How it works

Limited Monarchs are available each week during the season, mid April thru October. Rerserve your Monarchs as soon as you know your want a release. Calling at the last minute is worth a try, if we have them, they are yours but best to reserve. They come in individual envelopes for each guest to release, or all in one box for a mass release. A dozen is $95. We deliver for a small fee, or you can pick them up the day of the release. We gaurantee live release.

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