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Green Celebration

Why is Butterfly farming GREEN? For people making a effort to reduce their carbon footprint, you will be happy to learn that not only encouraging butterfly farming by purchasing a release is a great alternative, but GOOD for your local ecosystem. Especially in California. In 2003 73% of the Monarch population was wiped out by a storm in Mexico. Propogating butterflies pollenate plants, which help draw carbon dioxide(greenhouse gas) OUT of the air and process it into food and energy! Specifically Milkweed is the only plant Monarch catapillers host on, they munch(alot) of leaves down, and the plants response is to grow back stronger and bigger, expelling more clean air. Its a beautiful CYCLE! Our very small CLEAN OPERATION uses NO PESTICIDES, no electricity, ORGANIC plants and soil only. We just protect and pamper mother nature to help it along!

A Sustainable Unique Gift

Although we Love to creating a fresh work of art for you at Reneesbouquet.com Why not Send a BUTTERFLY Bouquet, the gift that keeps giving! KIDS love learning metamorphisis. MOMS will love seeing them among their flower GARDENS. What a lovely way to impress your sweetheart on VALENTINES DAY!

We Ship Anywhere in the US

We are based in San Diego California. So local orders are even a bigger savings. No overnight charges. However we gaurantee safe live delivery anywhere in California only.